Path to humanity

Path to humanity
We cannot despair of humanity, since we ourselves are human beings. (Albert Einstein)

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The You in me is child-like

The You in me is child-like.
I have patience. You are impatient who wants to do everything in a day.
I have anger that binds me to be happy. You are limitless happiness, I wish for you and pray.

I am bad in expressing the inside me. You have expressed every bit of that broken but beautiful and real self out of the darkest way.
I do mistakes and lose. You are the only one who always stay.

I find myself helpless at times. You show me strength, hope and that pretty untouched ray.
When I could not sleep. You become my dreams and shape to the beauty that useless clay.

Sometimes I feel absorbent to the pain and tears. Smile. You just say.
I don't understand myself. You have known me day, everyday.
The You in me is child-like.

-Snehil Srivastava
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© Snehil Srivastava

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