Path to humanity

Path to humanity
We cannot despair of humanity, since we ourselves are human beings. (Albert Einstein)

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Review: 'Stranger Trilogy' by Novoneel Chakraborty

We all are special in some way or the other. And sometimes we don't believe in ourselves, what we are capable of doing and make things happen the way they should? Since our imagination is limitless and it can reach mountains and above that too in mere one second then think if we do what we imagine, how fantastic and unknown but worth places we can reach in life on our own. For that we must understand what our worth is and why are we here in this beautiful world? This simple but vast question is so important in life.

Stranger trilogy is not a love story, I won't say it a suspense thriller either. It nowhere binds you to the story that you would have an urge to know who the stranger is, but yes, one would surely want to understand why the Stranger?

In life, we meet lots of people. A few people find places in your hearts and that too for no reason. And then they stay in our hearts forever. Stranger is that one person, whom you would want in your life to stay forever; you decide, do you really want this or the reasons that he is in your life and made you understand what your worth is?
The story lingers around two characters, Rivanah Bannerjee and the Stranger. Stranger has been the reason, all bad happening in Rivanah's life but at the same time he calms her down to the core of her heart. She wants to get rid of the Stranger and at the same time she cannot restrain herself not to do so.
Rivanah is a genuine character and so the Stranger. Other important characters of the story are, Ekansh- the dilemma in life, Danny- the false truth of life, Tista- the guilt in life, Hiya- a never ending past of life, Nivan- what life is all about everything else and a few more. These all are real life characters whom we meet in our day to day life. We don't know if it is right or wrong but we follow it. And then we fell for a false truth avoiding our guilt as if it doesn't exist. We meet our past in between that hinders our present every now and then. And when we sleep, we understand that life is not into these things but life is to know what it really is. And after all, in dreams we realize something.

The worth of an individual. The worth of the smile appearing on your lips for no Godly or silly reason. The worth when your eyes dwell up in ecstasy. The worth. The reality. The realization.
I love reading Novoneel. He listens to his readers. The way he tells a story feels like you are into it. And you are one of his characters. The stranger trilogy is that one story, in which you will find yourself. AND You will know, YOUR WORTH.

-Snehil Srivastava
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