Path to humanity

Path to humanity
We cannot despair of humanity, since we ourselves are human beings. (Albert Einstein)

Friday, August 9, 2013

Love after death

Your beautification is your inner self that is cold and so warm the same moment. It allures me to pour all my love over you if there is any. I wish to hold your eye closing fragrance till I meet Him in heaven. I wish to touch your heart like forever as its mine since my first breath….I love you, yes I love you.”

A tear drop touches her soft fingers as he uttered his last words to her….

This deep sea resembles the time when we met like forever; this reminds me that you are nothing but my life. I wish to pour myself in your deepness which in turns my worth for this mere world. HE has no power on me to demise my love for you, ever. I am with you and will always be.”

She wanted to say it loud; only tears come out replacing her thoughts instead.
He was dead and so she is.

It's not you that is soothing to my heart; it's your presence and your fragrance...that reasons me to smile. You may not be with me in real but you are real in my dreams.”
She wiped her tears and her lips curved into that beautiful smile. He was gone but not from her heart.

“Every time, your touch finds my heart, I feel complete. I want to love you. I want you to love me. Destiny may not like me ever but I hope you will, once. And you know- Hope is a good thing and no good thing ever dies. I am smiling coz’ I will find you just like your touch finds my heart.”
Her thoughts and she herself were fighting with Him, God.
To wait is the only visible solution for her.

"It is even harder, not to love. When I see you my heart tells me, we are meant to be together. My all restlessness tranquilizes into eternal serenity. How can I not miss your fragrance that reasons to fade that blackness? All I can say....I...."

Her eyes were wet. It was a dream. She again called on his number and saw her name on the screen, blinking as 'My life' in her other hand.

Your glimpse reveals the truth of your heart. Your voice is a divine blessing. I want to wait living with your ‘thoughts’. I have believed Him and in His presence.”
Something deep in her heart converts into trust that she will meet him once again.
The Lord is truly awesome. Even though we may forget some of our desires...HE never ever forgets!

It’s amazing going into dreams thinking about you and teasing you there. To give all my happiness for your one smile. To behold you. To love you. To miss you even when you are breath close to me. It’s like continuing the happiness forever. I wish to wake up in your lap. You, playing with my hair. Giving me all your yummy fragrance. Don’t blush dear. You will be more qweet and I will…”
This is how, he usually pour his thoughts on her.
She is damn missing him. She is in love with him since ever.

I want to know you. I want to know; your wishes, your dreams, your inner self. I want to know, why I miss you every instant even when you are no distance to me. Why I see you close to my heart and in my arms when on earth I close my eyes? Why you don’t do nothing but always live in my dreams? I want to know the beauty in your heart. Why are you so precious to me now? I want to touch you. Yes, I want to love you.”
Nobody knows nothing, why are they not together without expressing a word of affection and love? Why it happened…?


  1. Hey..this is swagatika..We are batchmates of QTP class.
    Very Nice and touching blog..Keep writing.. :)

  2. beautiful feelings...beautifully expressed

  3. @Swagatika: Thank you Swagatika,lot thanks!!

  4. @Aparna: Thanks a lot ma'm...bless U always.