Path to humanity

Path to humanity
We cannot despair of humanity, since we ourselves are human beings. (Albert Einstein)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Destiny- The Soul

Dedicated to the destiny..I call her 'barish'.

I have a very rare quality. When I am into a conversation specially with you I can remember everything to the word. I can even recall your gestures, your expressions, your smile, your anger- every emotion of yours.
That day when I forgot to wish you the best ever day of my life- your birthday (you actually thought that I forgot), and you scolded me like anything, I was like what had happened to you, why you doing this to me and making me cry. But later when I recalled all said by you, I realized that you are my destiny to the new world of love, hope, compassion and happiness. You are the one who will allow me to reach there, far away from the lonely castle that had captured me since ages and had chained me to the darkest past of disgrace.
Yes, I am getting old. But when you said it, I just laughed. And you said many more things to me, for me, of me. You asked me nothing on your precious day but you wanted me to be happy. You wanted things for me. And I could give you my soul only. Sounds boring, right? Let it be. Calm down. You need not to say a word. I want nothing in return. I have your memories. And I am smiling.
She is left with his last smile. He was so happy that he was dying with her love for him.
He smiled. She cried. He smiled that he got her. She cried that she lost him.

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© Snehil Srivastava

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