Path to humanity

Path to humanity
We cannot despair of humanity, since we ourselves are human beings. (Albert Einstein)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Mysterious Reasons Of Death

"To be inhuman is far easy than to be a human. It needs great courage to be the later.
When you hear a death of an unknown it may sound nothing. And when you see it, you feel a little pain. But when you are into a death of your loved one you just can't restrain yourself any further to not to cry. That little pain becomes pain of death.
The important thing here is that this phenomenon is totally relative. Emotions are relative too? Your opinion may differ with what I have entrusted. But the essence is same from where I see it. We take birth and death takes us. What we leave here, are the reasons. Happiness happens the same moment as sadness. To get something we need to lose a lot. Nature. The reasons."

And she sobbed. He was always into why of things but she never understood the easiest him, the love, above all nature. Above all reasons. When he was losing the ray of hope towards a better tomorrow she could have saved him a little and saved that tomorrow to become a past. But he lived in his own sadness and in other's happiness.
The reasons were solved, a little.

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