Path to humanity

Path to humanity
We cannot despair of humanity, since we ourselves are human beings. (Albert Einstein)

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Broken Sea

And she said, "I hate you the most in this world. You have made my life hell whence you stepped into it. I regret being with you in the past. I wish all bad may happen to you."

He replied, "And God is watching us. May God bless.. .. .."
Before he could complete his last sentence she was already gone.
She left him incomplete.

It was raining heavily. He could only hear the water falling apart as if the sea of love was broken into pieces. He was soaked into them. Only he could feel the warmness into his eyes.
They never saw each other after that thunder night.

Since days he has been addicted to something. Something dear to him. It started with a silly incident. In that breath taking pain it gave him inner peace. Since then many changes happened, in his surrounding and in him as well. He learnt to understand what his heart actually wanted to say. He learnt that the world will never adjust itself.
And then this addiction. This is going far beyond his imagination.
He loves his addiction 'to love'.

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© Snehil Srivastava

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