Path to humanity

Path to humanity
We cannot despair of humanity, since we ourselves are human beings. (Albert Einstein)

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Mere One Sentence

"I was told to write one sentence to make her understand how my poems are related with every single word that she pours over me filled with every fragrance of life I want and I see a lot many things when I close my eyes- I see you; what if I close it forever that this treasure may remain with me till the eternity and no God could ever dare to snatch it from me."

She was naughty, bubbly and full of life. And she could not understand him. She could not understand what he always wanted to let her feel about her ambitions, about her dreams, about her own self that she was a girl of honor and pride to her parents.

He loved her, she could not understand.
What a pity.

The circle of life was broken. He had died. Alas!

His poems lived in every single word that she says in her prayers for the humanity.
His love lived.

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